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Raw Material: Brass, Stainless Steel (all grades), Steel, Iron Sheet, Iron Casted, Zinc/Zamak & Aluminum.


Cut the handles & his small parts.


Inserting the pin to connect each part.
Drilling: Doing holes for screws.


Grinding or Finishing:
Sharpening the product. {Image1}
Assembling: Connect each part so can make final product. {Above}


Quality Check :
Checked by overseas customers.


Ready Goods:
Goods are ready to ship.


Inspection : personally done by our Managing Director (Mr. Mayank Gupta)
  Drawer Slides - FGV
  Drawer Slides - Ball Bearing
  Conceal Hinge Full Overlay
  Conceal Hinge Half Overlay
  Conceal Hinge Inset
  Hydraulic\Soft Close Hinge
  Furniture Hinge
  Door Hinge
  Ball Bearing Hinge
  Butt Hinge
  Mortise Hinge
  Cabinet Hinge
  Friction Hinge
  Glass Hinge
  Flag Hinge
  Barrel Hinge
  Pivot Hinge
  Aluminium Hinge
  Electricity Cabinet Hinge
  Hinges overlay inset
  Invisible Hinge
  MS Steel Hinge
  Spring Hinge
  PVC Window
  Piano Hinge
  Strap Hinge
  T Hinge
  Special Conceal Hinge
  Box Hinge
  Offset Hinge
  Small Hinge
  Parliament Hinge
  Residentional Hinge
  Reversible Hinge
  Other Hinge
  Bending Hinge
  Stud Hinge
  Wrap Hinge

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